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Paleo Chocolate Cake

I have been looking forward to try this cake for quite some time and my wife’s birthday seemed perfect to try it. It is important to not give up, but with partial success, continue to make it better and try it again. That is my case with this recipe.

It could have been great and it bugs me so much that I wasn’t able to make it as pretty and as tasty as I envisioned it!!! I’m mad at myself for not doing as well as I should have and for being mad about it. I know better. It really shouldn’t bother me. My family DID eat it, so it couldn’t have been that bad??

I have learned and hopefully you can take this lesson. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t work out as planned! When you are doing something like “the Birthday cake” there is alot of expectation and pressure. Oh well.

Next time I would: #1. grind the almonds more finely

#2. adjust cooking time(I bought new pans just before this)

#3. try not to be so rushed

cake1 cake2 cake3 cake4cake5

Overall, it tasted great, but the almond flour was coarse and not as fine as I would have liked. I like to buy the sliced almonds because I can grind as I need, then it is fresher.

Remember if you are new to baking without grains it is different and I feel I have to learn it all over again. Go easy on yourself and “just keep swimming”.

Goal: Paleo-Chocolate-Cake2


Actual: 20140527-103712-38232008.jpg