Who am I?

I am a husband and a father to 2 beautiful children. I have spent most of my working life in restaurants, so when our daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease, I thought that we could find a way to still dine out on a regular basis. I even had a business that focused on helping restaurants.

Since then we have had to make numerous changes to our diet and all aspects of our family life that we never expected to face. We have eliminated gluten from our home, but not just in food. We have changed shampoo, laundry detergent, sunscreen, etc, to hopefully see a healthier life for our daughter and ultimately for all of us. We have learned so much from this challenge that we hope to share our knowledge with any family that may be facing similar issues.

Grains and processed foods are so ingrained in our culture as well as convenience. After taking our family off of gluten, we had to self discover all of the other challenges that would soon come to the surface. I tell you that the medical community has so little understanding, not for your sympathy, but for your wake up call. It is unfortunate, but many more families will face similar challenges and will have similar outcomes.

I decided to start this when we got strange looks and questions from our friends and family about why we have made so many changes. Before facing these challenges, I probably would have had the same questions. It shouldn’t be odd or strange for families to want to use and consume the best possible food during our life.

I am loving, sharing my thoughts, challenges and successes with people with similar issues. I hope that when we start to share information in this forum, that we can hopefully learn more about our communal health. Please comment and share your thoughts as we learn and grow together. I wish you health, prosperity and blessings.


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